#11 - Kevin Reed | Ironman

Jon and Josh are joined by Kevin Reed, a 12-time Ironman competitor, marathon runner, and ultra-endurance athlete as he discusses The Moment He Knew he was NOT going to qualify for the Ironman Hawaii, the 140.6-mile journey that presents the ultimate test of body, mind, and spirit. Kevin is a husband, a father of four girls, and a middle school teacher. In his free time (or lack thereof), he loves to run and cycle. Starting with marathons over twenty years ago and progressing to triathlons when he sought another challenge, Kevin shares why he thrives on competition, pushing his body to its athletic limits and the sense of accomplishment he feels when he completes these races. On this episode of The Moment You Knew, Kevin ponders whether his competitive Ironman days are over, or if he might still someday achieve his ultimate goal of qualifying for the Ironman Hawaii.